Letting go of the traditional goody bag

I have to say this post only came to me as I was looking at our dress up section on our website. It occurred to me that our Superhero masks and Unicorn headbands would be perfectly paired with cake and a balloon - our version of a goody bag, or also known as a loot or treat bag.

My children are now in double digits, and I did not do goody bags for a long time before that - it was always a piece of cake and a balloon. I did always take care and match what I was using to my child's theme, but it did become just madness and another expense that we just shouldn't have to spend, especially when a lot of the toys were prone to breaking soon after and would end up in the landfill. 

I remember my children getting upset that their friends would be sad and angry when decided to stop the traditional goody bag, but they and their friends were happy not to have to sit and eat cake right after consuming so much party food and it was a treat they could save for later!

In my opinion, if you are doing goody bags keep them simple and as plastic free as you can to help the environment. It will cause less stress, save your sanity of trying too hard and think of your saved money. I am sure our better halves will thank us for it.




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